9 Port PoE+ Switch (8 PoE+ Ports +1 Uplink Port | VLAN Switch) – 150watts  IEEE802.3at – Wall Mount


Product Overview
Modern business networks are used for increasingly diverse applications – traditional data streams, VoIP voice traffic, video output from digital security cameras and remote control devices to name a few. The range of devices attached to today’s converged network often need to be supported not just in terms of data – equipment such as VoIP IP telephones and Wireless Access Points frequently need to be powered in physical locations where mains power is not available or difficult to deliver. Providing power to such devices via an Ethernet UTP cable is an elegant and easy to implement solution.

The 9-Port 10/100Mbps PoE+ Switch offers advance switching controls and provides power to network devices using Ethernet cables. This scalable and cost effective solution allows a managed network to efficiently expand to previously unattainable levels.

The feature rich 9-port switch offers advanced network management, Link Aggregation, Trunking and QoS technology to meet the accelerating demand for secure manageable networks. LED displays show device status for easy power management and troubleshooting. PoE technology conveniently eliminates the need to install networked devices, such as PSE908  IP cameras and access points, near a power outlet, thereby reducing equipment and installation costs.

compatible to IEEE802.3at. It can power both existing
10/100Base-T network devices Wi-MAX and wireless IEEE 802.11n access points.

VLAN Dipswitch 
The physical dip switch on the unit toggles a hardware VLAN setup:
In (S)tandard mode, any devices plugged into the PoE ports will be able to communicate with each other; as the name suggests, this is a standard setup, and for example would allow a computer to use a printer connected to the same switch.
In (V)LAN mode, any devices plugged into the PoE ports will NOT be able to see each other, and instead only be able to communicate individually and directly through the uplink. This can be useful when added security is desired in having computers or other devices invisible to each other.
PoE Power Input Option 
The PoE switch can be powered via the included DC power adapter, to provide a total of up to 120W of PoE power -OR- it can be powered via another PoE switch or injector through the uplink port. This essentially turns the switch into an 8-port splitter, allowing for more flexible installation option (ex. when DC power is not an option). Please note that a high-power injector of 60W or greater is recommended for this feature, to provide adequate power to any PoE devices.